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001 ( video )

— this can really record what I'm saying?

[It takes a bit of time before the journal gets into focus revealing a dark haired woman who is now in view, it was obvious she had never used anything like the journal from the momentary glimpse of curiosity with her expression and that she is extremely calm about her arrival for the most part]

Oh! There we go. This is working, isn't it? Now I think I've heard the basics about this place but that hardly makes this anymore reassuring if we're to stay here. It's a bit worrying actually since I have a family to get back to, after all.

If these are supposed to be used for communication, I'm guessing people can hear me through this? I'm not sure whether I know anyone here yet but this seems be the way to find out— I'm looking for two of my sons or anyone who would be from Konoha? I'd really grateful for any help at all.
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[once Kushina sees this certain face, everything that's said sort of goes in one ear and right out the other

though it's not recorded, as soon as she recognizes the face she blurts out a loud, surprised 'Mikoto!!'

she fumbles with replying for a bit until there's a harried and second;]

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idk if you wanted to continue but sldgksdg HERE

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[MIKOTO OF ALL PEOPLE-- She doesn't know whether to be happy or pissed that Luceti decided to drag Mikoto here too in this mess. But whether or not she's happy or angry doesn't matter because she's smiling anyway at the sight of her friend.]

It's good to see you too!

[It really is. And she's alive and healthy because Sasuke told her everyone in the clan was murdered and she couldn't picture Mikoto, so happy and sweet with her family, not... breathing. Not alive.

Instead, Kushina asks this;]

Fugu-face isn't with you, is he?

[She had arrived with Minato. And Kushina wasn't really a fan of the forever-scowling Fugaku. At least she TRIES to sound more inquiring than dreading the answer.]
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yeeee <3

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[Maybe a LITTLE relief he's not here but she wonders if Mikoto will miss him]

Yeah. Have you seen them?

[our babies aren't babies anymore wah]
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[Her friends being sad is the worst. She knows that feeling too well. She smiles.]

But we get to see them older and make up for any time we lost.

... Was he okay? Are you okay?
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Yeah, I bet. I talked to him before, he said that--

[She stops. Backtracks again and even if she wants to ask Mikoto what happened after everything, she also... doesn't.]

He missed you. I wonder why Itachi hasn't got a hold of you yet.
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[It's not like she's wrong though. They've all been here longer than her.]

If he doesn't, I'll definitely tell him he needs to say hi to his mom.

[By banging on doors.]